PSA - Inactive or possibly quitting


I’ve considered to either end Roleplaying entirely or take a long break from it. All of my roleplaying accounts are going to be inactive, aside from reblogging things relating to their content.

The reason why I’m doing something so drastic is the lack of threads and RPing requests. My Roleplaying accounts, at the number of five, get absolutely no asks nor thread requests, with the exception of the blog of Toriel from Undertale, which I might keep, but for now, Toriel will be inactive as well.

When you’re reading this, I might delete RP blogs I no longer want except for my main one. This RP blog is now inactive.

tyree403 asked:

Radio: *he shouts over the radio.* Figlock, please help me! I think your husband is going to fucking kill me! Please talk to him!

Radio: Aggrivated. What poor decision have you made this time, you poor excuse for a human being?